4 Benefits Modern Technology Provides to Senior Adults

4 Benefits Modern Technology Provides to Senior Adults

Now, more than any other time in history, people are connected to each other thanks to advancements in technology. Just like youth born into a tech-savvy society, senior adults can also benefit from the use of cutting-edge gadgets and devices.

Think about this – today’s seniors have witnessed advancements in technology more than any other previous generation. They’ve witnessed everything from the first man stepping onto the moon, the dramatic advancements in medical technology to the dominance of an internet-dependent society. Almost everything wanted or needed now is available with the simple click of a button.

Some seniors may be wary of high-tech or smart devices because they feel intimidated by the complexities of these technologies. Plenty of devices are available on the market, however, that are easy to use for older adults that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily lives.

There are many ways that technology can benefit senior adults We’ve listed below the top 4.

1. Ease loneliness

As we age, we see adult children move away to start families or new careers. Loved ones and friends pass on, and we lose contact with work associates after retirement. Loneliness can be an unfortunate consequence of this stage of life, leaving seniors feeling isolated and alone.

Recent advancements in technology can offer a ray of sunshine for lonely seniors. Video chat services like FaceTime and Skype allow seniors to both see and speak to their adult children, grandchildren, and other loved ones, even if they are hundreds of miles away. This type of visual interaction can go a long way in reducing feelings of loneliness.

Social media platforms can also provide a convenient way for seniors to interact with others who may share their interests or need someone else to talk about common issues. These social platforms are filled with online groups and chat rooms full of like-minded people, giving seniors a chance to connect with others and build new relationships.

2 Exercise

For many senior adults, staying active and fit can fall to the wayside for two main reasons – mobility and lack of motivation. After the age of 60, our bodies become less forgiving and this can be very discouraging for some. Joining a gym or fitness group full of active younger adults can also leave seniors feeling intimidated. Fortunately, there are lots of apps available for seniors who are not exercising regularly regardless of mobility or lack of motivation. There are also plenty of online classes tailored specifically for the physical needs of seniors to fit almost any ability.

Another great option to get seniors moving are video game consoles. Most assisted living communities and nursing home facilities have already recognized the benefits of Nintendo’s Wii sports games as an example. These types of game systems allow seniors to participate in fun, light physical activity with others or in the comfort of their own space.

For mental exercise, online games like Trivial Pursuit, Tetris, Words with Friends, Mahjong, Candy Crush, and so on offer seniors a great way to stay cognitively active. Many of these games also allow senior adults to play online with family members and friends.

3. Online Shopping

Shopping for even basic essentials can become a burdensome task for some seniors. Mobility issues, bad weather, or embarrassment about purchasing certain medications or incontinence products are all reasons senior adults may no longer want to shop for themselves.

The popularity of online shopping allows seniors who no longer can or want to shop on their own to purchase just about anything they want or need without ever leaving the comfort of home. From groceries to medical supplies, medications to home interior items, hobby supplies to smart devices…just about everything is now available to them at their fingertips with the simple click of a button.

4. Medication management

Many older adults find it challenging to track their daily medications, oftentimes because of forgetfulness or inattention. According to a survey by Medco Health Solutions, more than 50% of older adults surveyed reported taking at least five prescription medications a day, with 25% reporting taking between 10 and 19 pills a day. With this many medications to remember, it’s no wonder they often forget!Medication management apps are a great solution for helping seniors remember to take important prescription medicines. These apps notify the senior and/or caregiver when it’s time to take a pill, when the pill bottle was opened, how many pills have been removed, and whether or not the pill has already been taken. They also offer features to remind seniors when it’s time for a refill and ensure medications are taken on schedule. As a result, these apps can save lives and prevent billions of dollars from being spent on doctor visits and hospitalizations every year.

Technology offers great ways for seniors to alleviate the stress of daily life. Smart devices, gadgets, apps, and online services allow seniors to stay connected to others, physically and mentally active, and safe in their environment, and at Elderberry Health Care, we understand how important this is for our residents. With 3 distinct levels of care, we help seniors who need minimal support in our Assisted Living, around-the-clock nursing care in our Skilled Nursing Unit, and Transitional Rehabilitation services for post-operative patients. Contact us today to learn more.