Helping Seniors Return to “Normal” After Covid-19

Helping Seniors Return to “Normal” After Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed almost everything about the way we interact with each other and how we conduct our daily lives. The pandemic created an incredible lifestyle change across the globe. Our senior citizens have suffered the most throughout the course of the pandemic, especially those in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Finding a “new normal” is going to require some adjustments in the way we interact with our senior loved ones, especially for family members, health care professionals and caregivers to seniors.

As society tries to adjust to a new way of life as we emerge from this pandemic, continuing to follow set guidances for social distancing and hygiene practices is just as important as it was a year ago when it comes to the health and safety of seniors. How do we adjust to this new way of life while still supporting those most vulnerable in our society?

Be prepared and have a plan:
Although restrictions are beginning to ease up, it’s still vital that you stay prepared. If your senior loved one is in a skilled nursing or assisted living facility, you need to have a set plan in place to ensure they are remaining safe and secure. Coordinate with family members and/or family friends to make daily well-being calls to your senior resident or the facility staff to ensure their needs are being met. Ask if there is anything you can do to help your senior loved one feel more at ease. If they are insecure and not comfortable, are you prepared to bring them home? These are discussions you should be having with other family members.

Maintain good hygiene:
There are steps seniors and their loved ones can continue to take to protect themselves and each other. Proper hygiene measures like regular hand washing and good personal hygiene, along with staying away from crowds and continuing to social distance will go a long way in keeping seniors safe. For seniors who need assistance when dressing, clothing can be purchased that is easy to put on or remove allowing caregivers the ability to dress seniors in a more hygienic way. Speciality clothing can also make things easier for more independent senior adults who are able to dress themselves but struggle with some difficulty.

Keep seniors engaged while social distancing:

It is absolutely vital for the physical and mental well being of senior adults to stay active. Keeping them engaged through mentally stimulating activities, physical activities and socialization are just as important now as it was pre-Covid. The way we participate in physical and social activities may have changed, but there are still plenty of ways to keep your senior loved one active while practising social distancing measures.
Nursing home and assisted living residents can take part in Zoom video exercise classes.

– Take your loved one to local walking trails if they are able to enjoy physically distant walks.
– Keep them mentally stimulated with brain games and puzzles.

– Help them participate in arts and crafts based activities.


The caregivers and staff at Elderberry Health Care are experts at juggling multiple responsibilities at once, even in the midst of a global pandemic. From face mask requirements to cleaning protocols and limited, scheduled visits, we do everything possible to ensure your loved ones remain safe and healthy. Our residents are our top priority, and every individual is like a member of our own family. Schedule a tour today to see what our facility is all about!