Nursing Home Checklist: What to Ask Before You Choose a Facility

Nursing Home Checklist: What to Ask Before You Choose a Facility

When the need for home care nursing arises, it is important to know the right questions to ask so that you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to which nursing facility can best cater to the needs of your elderly loved one. Seeking out skilled nursing care may be an eventuality that you need to seriously consider for an elderly loved one who can no longer care for themselves or require more support and attention than the family can provide on their own. With the sheer number of facilities available out there, families often have a difficult time deciding what’s best for their aging loved one. Here are some of the most important aspects of home care nursing you should consider, as well as the best questions to ask when looking for the right nursing facility:

  • In terms of services and amenities

Ask what types of services the facility provides. This is particularly important when seeking care for seniors with very specific medical needs and conditions like memory loss. What types of amenities do they offer? Do they offer shared or private rooms? What kinds of shared facilities does the nursing home feature?

  • In terms of fees

Ask about the fees they require as well as the costs they charge for the use of their services and amenities. Bring up state funding and/or tax relief, which can help you reduce the cost of care.

  • In terms of logistics and accessibility

Ask about the facility’s accessibility to friends and family, as well as the availability of transportation amenities close by. Learn about the facility’s proximity to clinics and hospitals in case of medical emergencies. Ask what the visitation policies are like.

  • In terms of accreditations

Find out more about the home’s accreditations. Are there quality initiatives in place? Do they have a waiting list?

  • In terms of the quality of life of the residents

Ask about their staff’s qualifications and experience in providing elderly care. Know about social and recreational activities they offer, as well as other services that can help raise residents’ quality of life during their stay in the facility.

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